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Cat Sitting with Cindy McGonagle

Ancient Cats came from the lineage of the Sabertooth Tiger, your house cat came from a long line of amazing cats. My pet sitting is based on Honoring the Spirit of Your Pet. Felines as a family have an important role with helping balance energies within their own family unit.

A special Service I offer is Animal Reiki as an integral part of each pet visit. Reiki is a form of an energy healing system developed in Japan in 1922 by Reiki Master Usui and has been passed on from Master to Master. I have practiced Reiki as a Master since 1999.
When I offer Reiki energy to an animal almost immediately they relax and become less stressed and thus, it helps to lessen the anxiety about their current situation.

As an Animal Communicator/Psychic Medium I easily receive telepathic messages from your pet using my clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. So as a treat to my clients I like to write what I call "Pet messages" short messages I receive from your pet, often just sweet notes about how much they love and adore you.

When I visit your pet in a car crate outside or as a distance reading, I connect with nature to harmonize, clear and help balance energy on your property. I am able to do this by honoring the land and the plants and planting love and light energetically around the property.

Animal Communication Family Dynamics

Animal Communication Family Dynamics


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