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Cindy McGonagle Cindy McGonagle

Cindy McGonagle

Ventura, and Palm Desert, CA

Cindy McGonagle, Intuitive Business Consultant, Psychic Medium


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Live Palmistry Class with Cindy January 9th, 2023!

Palmistry Virtual Live Class With Cindy

Palmistry Virtual Live Class With Cindy


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Palmistry with Cindy McGonagle

Reading palms for over thirty years, a personal reading can help you to find career paths that fill your heart with love, gratitude and many opportunities to share your talents with the world. Learn how your fingerprints can help you find a partner who understands your personal style of communication and encourages you to be you.

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Here's what client's are sharing
"Thank you so much for the fantastic reading today. 10 minutes was not long enough at all! You sincerely have an incredible energy, skill and spirit--it was just what I needed today. Thank you for your time and honesty."
"I felt something empowering/strengthening about it. Thanks for the wonderful insights! That was all very interesting and inspiring!"
"Thank you. You opened my eyes to areas that I was having a hard time explaining."
"Cindy is very easy and accommodating to work with. Her generous spirit made me feel at ease, and I came away with a new found appreciation for the art of palmistry. Her readings were so intuitive and spot on. I would love to work with her again."

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Phone Readings with Cindy

Zoom Readings

$150 for 30 minute zoom or phone reading
call 503 531 2758 or email cindymcgonagle@gmail.com to schedule your phone reading

Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. No refunds can be made if an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

Discount Packages!!!
1 (hour)$225, a savings of $25, (normally $250)

Call 503 531 2758 for individual packages designed to strengthen your intuition
divine timing and synchronicity
in your life.

Success in Your Hands

How to photograph your hands
Join Psychic Medium/Palmist Cindy McGonagle

Schedule your phone psychic/palm reading
Email Cindy your palm images

to arrange your reading
discover your business and career success
and intuitive gifts
She will cover you love line
relating to partnerships
come discover your connection
to the cosmos
and how this reveals
your natural healing abilities.

Visit this video for instructions

30 minutes $150

fairy wand

Earth Messages for 2022

Join Cindy
for new messages from nature

to help you remain calm
and ground new frequencies
coming to the planet now

if you would like a personalized
land reading please contact
cindymcgonagle@gmail.com, 503 531 2758

Anchoring and Clearing Light

Space Clearing and Anchoring of Light

Clearing Your Office
What is Your Space Really Vibrating and Sending Out?
As a Medium Cindy uses her telepathic and empathic skills to see blocks of energy and other people's energies that remain in your space.

Cindy can clear the space and train you to keep it clear as well.

A welcoming, safe and comfortable vibration that is grounded is what you want to provide for others.
Cindy's vast knowledge of the realms of energies and how to connect grids of light and clear the space
comes from years of experience and training others. Now she is offering you the opportunity to clear your work and home space and learn to keep it clear.

Clearing Your Personal Space
503 531 2758

Packages, Individually created for your home or office now available

Terms and Conditions, each appointment is scheduled in advance requiring a 50% non refundable deposit when booking, there is a fee of $75 for any rescheduling.
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©2022 Cindy McGonagle, All Rights Reserved