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Cindy McGonagle

Cindy McGonagle

Cindy McGonagle

PO Box 91295

Portland OR 97291


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Shasta Adventure 2015

An Adventure on Mt. Shasta
August 21st -23rd, 2015

Two Adventures, the first a Galactic Shaman experience with the Grandmother's of Time and the Sacred Elders of Shasta.

The second adventure is a Lemurian Reunion working with the Angels and Lemurians of Telos.

Join Cindy and the Angels of Mt. Shasta for this enlightening experience of self empowerment.


Let the Mystery Unfold!
Begining with...

Join us for a weekend
full of enhancing your clairvoyant skills
discovering your galactic guides, visiting the mystical city of Telos, and making and plant medicines.

Cosmic Shaman, Deb Souki

· Deb Souki is our Cosmic Shaman . She will help us merge with our Galactic Guides while on the mountain.

Weekend Event
With Our Contributors

Merri Christiansen

Merri loves plants and has worked with northwest plants for several years in her skin care business. Not only does she follow a medicine woman tradition, she also loves to write children's books.

Cindy McGonagle

Cindy brings messages from your Angels and Guides as she checks your palms for those amazing symbols which help you identify hidden talents and abilities that your soul wants you to bring through in this lifetime. She combines clairvoyance and psychic ability to bring insights and synchronicity into your life now


medicinal plant

We will be making two plant medicines.

Summer Fun on Mt. Shasta!

*A non refundable deposit of $100 will hold your reservation for this special weekend.
Event fee is $350
Registration closes August 5th.
Ashland accomodations are suggested as both
Meet and Greet and Plant Medicine
experiences take place here

To join the fun call 503 531 2758

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