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Cindy McGonagle .... Author & Artist and Palmist

Cindy McGonagle

Cindy McGonagle
PO Box 91295
Portland OR 97291

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Channeled Messages

Message from Lord Sananda
Channeled by Cindy McGonagle, November 2016

"Greetings Dear Ones
Message from Lord Sananda,

"The great oceans around the planet are adjusting to the new conditions
of weather and wind patterns
changing for the season ahead
will bring cooler temperatures and
wetter winters for the Western
Coast of the United States.

The cold penetrates the Mid West
and it is important to have things
around you that entertain yourself for the times you will find yourself indoors more often. It is a time to be creative and to reflect on all that the year has brought you. Take time for quiet reflection and to be grateful for these times of peaceful quietness.

The winds bring the rain to regions that have needed it for so long now. Enjoy taking time to experience sunrises and sunsets when your body can drink in the colors of the sky.
Lord Sananda"
channeled by Cindy McGonagle.

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