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Create Your Own Sacred Space Room

An Insightfully Gifted Consultant can help you work with Nature to create a place of balance and harmony in your home office and garden

Cindy McGonagle

503 531 2758

Phone Hours
M-F 8 am - 5 pm

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Intuitive Garden Designer Cindy McGonagle

Why waste hundreds of dollars on a landscape that out of harmony with you and your energies?
Intuitive Garden Consultant,Cindy McGonagle can help you create a healing space that
opens your heart to nature's healing energies
and brings balance.

As an experienced Intuitive Consultant, Cindy brings her spiritual insight
to the design process by listening to the Nature Spirits of your land,
offering a fresh point of view, rarely utilized.
Her distinict qualifications as an author and expert working with nature and gardens will enable you to create a place that nurtures your soul in your backyard.

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